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(Jan 1992 to Fall 2002)

The VivaVine, Fall 2002
  • Inside factory farming, by Miyun Park
  • New organic guidelines: Are humane stipulations to be trusted?
  • Commentary from the editor: TIME is not always on our side
  • Sound solution: Ultra bombardment of hog urine and feces
  • Photo essay: VivaVegie reaching the public, helping vegetarians
  • Marketing meat: Even meat producers can't agree on this game
The VivaVine, Winter 2002
  • The VivaVine to suspend publishing for a year: The year for "101 Reasons," the book
  • Resource guide to the Veggie Ctr.: VivaVegie prints 15,000
  • The push is on: VivaVegie puts emphasis on street outreach
  • Fuel-efficient: VivaVine distribution via human propulsion
  • Vegetarian News: USDA secretary Ann Veneman stands up to entrenched subisidies, and other stories
  • To-do list for VivaVegie Volunteers
The VivaVine, Fall 2001
  • Robert Byrd: The animals' angel speaks out in the U.S. Senate
  • Commentary: Pamela Rice on those intimate and personal reasons to go vegetarian
  • Butchered, alive: Humane Farming Association sets the record straight about the slaughterhouse that gets government protection
  • Meat and the environment: Megafauna hunted to extinction in ancient times
  • Think love first before social change, by Evelyn Gilbert
  • Hope looms for an end to livestock cruelty:Test-tube "meat" holds promise
  • Veg'ns embody anti-heart-attack chemical
  • Upstate Hatchery: Ponds of hapless, confined trout, and a boondoggle for sport fishermen
  • Terrorism and meat; also, Oil and war do mix
The VivaVine, July / Aug 2001
  • For the health of it: The folly of the protein diets
  • Hoof-and-mouth disease: It's what's for dinner
  • Commentary: Phoenix, making it all better again by way of an adorable calf
  • Local vegetarians stand up to meat people
  • Vegetarian News: We dig out the stories and impose the slant only we can offer
  • Vegan Liberation: It's not nice to fool vegetarians with beef extract in French fries
The VivaVine, April / May 2001
  • Our Federal Public Lands: For ranchers or wildlife?
  • The Vegetarian Center's survival is suspended in the balance. Support is needed.
  • Open Letter to Our New Senator
  • Commentary: Separation of Meat and State
  • Mad Cow Debacle
  • Yellowstone Held Hostage!
  • Courier Epiphany: Deliverance for Vine messenger
The VivaVine, February 2001
  • Cyanide Eco-Suicide: Rainforests of the sea undone
  • Matching Fund a Success, but support still needed
  • Jacksonian Veg: What vegetarians endured in the 19th century
  • Crazy Humans in the EU: Europeans freak at cow menace
  • Vegetarian News: News from a vegetarian standpoint
The VivaVine, November/December 2000
  • Calendar events for a cruelty-free Thanksgiving
  • Drugless doctor: Civil War-era Russell Trall, still ahead of his time
  • Animal disease: Today's microscopic menaces, here thanks to meat
  • Agriculture and fishing: Major forces in species extinction
  • $28 billion in subsidies: Meat producers rake it in this year
  • Getting real about veal: Face the ugly facts before you decide
The VivaVine, September / October 2000
  • For the Health of It: Return of the vegi: Docs Barnard, Fuhrman debunk fiber study
  • Oops! Meat handling in typical kitchen leaves much to be desired
  • Sea Rage: Illegal fishing: Hunters who become the hunted on the high seas
  • Commentary: Vegan & Overweight : Hey, this isn't supposed to happen to me! by Pamela Rice
  • Vegetarian News: Antibiotics abuse, Chinese foie gras, and other stories
  • Eco-Veg Report: Egg producer has community by the gonads

  • Vine Index:List of all back issues of The VivaVine!
  • File-folder references: File-folder subjects housed at the Veggie Center
The VivaVine, June / July 2000
  • Commentary: What are we waiting for? We've got the power! by Pamela Rice
  • Cover story: Fishing to extinction (part 2 of a 2-part story)
  • Vegetarian news: Accidental microbes could cost billions to U.S. livestock industry, and other stories
  • Forced molting: Slipping through the egg-safety cracks
  • For the health of it: Rave reviews for apples, beans, broccoli & nuts
  • Vegetarian Roots: Johnny Appleseed was a happy wanderer with a fruity mission, by Karen Iacobbo
  • The x-crement files: The manure hits the fan when federal ruling on nutrient runoff dumps on factory
The VivaVine, March / April 2000
  • Current programs: Veggie Center hosts Earth Day open house, workshops, lectures, rap sessions
  • Commentary:Does meat contribute to world hunger? by Alex Press
  • Cover story: Fish stories, A-Z, we wish were only tall tales
  • Vegetarian news: George W. Bush and John McCain face vegetarian voters (and other stories)
  • Project for economic justice for vegetarians: Taxpayers fleeced, milked for a total of $225 million for sheep and dairy industries
  • Health beat How to reduce your risk for heart disease by 82 percent; also, U.S. diet guidelines, a timid take on meat and dairy, draw fire (and other stories)
  • VivaVegie news: Matching-fund grant lives on with new donor; volunteers take over distribution, via tricycle (and other updates)
The VivaVine, January / February 2000
  • Commentary: Econ 101, not for vegetarians only
  • Hunger: Why do some charities feed meat and other dubious foods to the poor?
  • Vegetarian News: Meat and dairy are prime sources of dioxin (and other stories)
  • Welfare for meatmongers: Our latest rundown
  • Health news: Obesity epidemic, phytochemicals and cancer
  • Fundraiser for the veggie center: Big Apple Vegetarians comes through for VivaVegie by sponsoring a fundraiser
The VivaVine, November/December 1999
  • Commentary: Why we need a vegetarian center
  • Heartburn and constipation cured by veg diet
  • Economic justice for vegetarians: The latest government giveaways
  • Animal Rights: Legal scholars spark new public debate
  • Floyd's flood: Ag waste slimes North Carolina and marine nurseries
  • Downers: What they are; what you can do
  • Animal Companions: Pet-food slumgullion: Fluffy, Fido, it's time for dinner!
  • FAQs: Frequently asked questions about VivaVegie and the vegetarian center
The VivaVine, September/October 1999
  • VivaVegie launches 4 new programs: Fortnightly videos, a book-discussion club, a lecture series and workshops for new vegetarians
  • Trick or treat for the Veggie Center: Fundraising bash in October
  • Carnivore Conflicts: EU snubs hormone-injected U.s. beef
  • The Slaughter King: How IBP exploits immigrant workers
  • Enviro-disaster: Meat number 2 on baddie list, scientists say
  • Euro-dioxin: Deadly substance contaminates meat by the ton
The VivaVine, May / June 1999
  • The Vegetarian Center of New York City: VivaVegie's long-wished-for center is now a reality!
  • Milk Cartel: The vegan view of a dubious dispute
  • PETA Lockdown: It's the USDA versus the vegetarians
  • Government Pork Pals: U.S. government breaking down trade barriers for pork mongers
  • Traceback Tool: Determining the source of food poisoning with PulseNet:
  • Vegetarian Roots: A glimpse at our vegetarian heritage in Bronson Alcott
The VivaVine, March / April 1999
  • Listeria on the Attack: Heat up your cold cuts
  • Foreign Trade in Meat: Wasteful, unhealthful, cruel & useless to the core
  • Pork Aplenty: Hog Farmers in Crisis and the USDA goes to the rescue
  • Teff: Scrumptious flapjacks from VivaVegie's test kitchen
  • Bacteria's Playground: Technical Fixes are antidotes to industrial pathogens
The VivaVine, January / February 1999
  • Commentary 1: Loving animals for their own sake
  • Commentary 2: A vegetarian acid test the next time you're embroiled in a meaty dispute
  • Pandora's Pigs: Hog glut unleashes a host of ills
  • Touching the Elusive: Mind meld with the primal and earthy
  • Views on News: Zero tolerance for milk
  • Volunteer with the VivaVegie Society: For fun and profit.
The VivaVine, November / December 1998
  • Henry Spira: He had a way of changing lost causes into winning campaigns
  • The X-crement Files: The government goes easy on agricultural waste
  • Holiday Message: Peace on earth is a bitter pill for animals
  • Project for Economic Justice for Vegetarians: Meat-monger bailout is bad news for taxpayers, farm animals
  • For the Health of It: An innovative school program makes kids love healthful vegan food
  • Pathogen City: No wonder eggs are contaminated
  • How to Make a Turkey: Start with a vacuum, a straw and some angry, desperate men
  • Exotic Meat: Designer meals spreads animal suffering around
The VivaVine, September / October 1998
  • Seafood Frenzy:Fish species face extinction
  • Tyson to turn guts and feathers into animal feed
  • USDA spends millions on beef, pork, lamb, turkey and salmon
  • Animal products feed America's widening obesity epidemic
  • Legislation for Animals: Compared with other countries, the U.S. is still in the dark ages
  • Seven million chickens broiled alive in a heatwave over a 4-week period
The VivaVine, May / June 1998
  • How not to heal a heart: Doctors, preferring surgery and pills, ignore vegetarian option
  • Review: Slaughterhouse--The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry
  • Project for Economic Justice for Vegetarians: Government dollars keep meat and milk producers fat and happy
  • Overfishing threatens marine food web
  • Trickle-Up Violence: Cruelty to Animals--It doesn't always end there...
  • Two savory recipes by Laurie Jordan: One light, one hearty
The VivaVine, January / February 1998
  • Ranching (Anachronistic Cattlemen Ravage Public Lands on Taxpayers' Dime)
  • Farm Runoff: Eco-criminals rake in $250 million (Pollute your land, get paid to stop)
  • Cross-species flu: Flu viruses--They originate on livestock farms in China; ducks and pigs combine forces to infect humans
  • Population, meat eating up: Poor to suffer
  • Battery People: Two live like hens, see how it feels
  • VivaVegie publicizes World Vegetarian Day from outside the Today show
  • Foie Gras: A story bursting to be told
  • Take Heart: Time to ditch those hydrogenated oils
The VivaVine, November / December 1997
  • Biosecurity down on the factory farm
  • Fecal Cuisine: Pass the poultry poop, please
  • The Grapevine: Letters from readers
  • Vegetarian News
  • Food Police: Watch what you say about meat
  • For the Health of it: Dairy is not the answer to calcium deficiencies
  • "Free-Range": Meaningless term, used to deceive
  • New York City gathers to honor animal rights pioneer Henry Spira
The VivaVine, September / October 1997
  • Animal Food Fights: Senseless threat to world peace
  • USDA secretary Dan Glickman: The best pal to the meat industry
  • Biotech-made Roundup-Ready crops: Stands up to the neutron bomb of the herbicides.
  • Extinct if Forever: Fishermen on dole imperils 100 ocean species
  • Salmonella Solution: Don't worry, be filthy
  • Animal Abuse per the Law: If it isn't unusual, it isn't cruel
  • For the Health of It: Diet studies incorporate veg-diet to get the "right" results
The VivaVine, May/June,1997
  • One egg producer, 15 million hens
  • Penelo Pea Pod makes a sensation at The Easter Parade
  • Killer microbe kills half a billion ocean fish, tied to hog manure spills and runoff
  • And iside look at that festering world of rendering
  • Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs: seminal work from United POultry Concerns
The VivaVine, Mar./Apr.,1997
  • The Extrement Files: Manure Madness Sweeps the Nation
  • Penelo Pea Pod hits the veggie scene
  • Poetry by Allen Ginsberg
  • Picketing a live-poultry plant in New Jersey
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